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Burning Foxes enters Valorant

Lutherstadt Eisleben, March 5th, 2021 – Burning Foxes enters Valorant with an international lineup.

With Riot’s latest publish Valorant, an upcoming first-person shooter becoming bigger and bigger, we knew we cannot ignore that game anymore. At the end of 2020, we sat down with Jonas “jns” S. who was an IGL in CS:GO, recently switching to Valorant. We created the idea of picking him as IGL to build up a team under our banner. 

The day has come and that we can finally announce our new Valorant roster.

  Jonas “jns” Studer – Ingame Leader
Francisco Nunes “Waer” Rodrigues – Support
Alfie “Thornz” Thornton – Sentinel
Joseph “turbine” Riding – Second Entry
Jonathan “maze” Rönnqvist  – Entry

Statement Tobias Michael Jantos, CEO Burning Foxes

Knowing Jonas “jns” Studer from his time as IGL in CS:GO the idea of letting him build up a team for Burning Foxes came pretty fast. I gave him all the time he needed to create the best team he could and I’m happy with how it turned out. Valorant is still in an early phase and that’s why we want to grow within the scene and developing ourselves into a solid piece of it that you don’t want to miss anymore. I’m sure we’re going to see huge progress in the team in the nearer future already.

Statement Jonas “jns” Studer, Ingame Leader for Burning Foxes

We are very excited that we have found a home in Burning Foxes and are grateful for the trust they put in us. As a young and motivated team, we are going to invest the time needed to see constant improvement and to show good results in the future.

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